When making a donation you can request it to be allocated to a specific fund:

  • Donations to this fund are greatly valued. They are deployed wherever the need is greatest at the time of your donation. Some of the funds listed below rely on this more ‘general’ fund to make up where there is a short-fall

  • The money in this fund is used to share and show the love of Christ to the needy children in our different homes

  • The money in this fund is used to help share and show the love of Christ in the poor squatter communities we are seeking to help

  • This fund is used to share and show the love of Christ to some of the most needy we are seeking to help – those living and sleeping on the street. Donations to this fund help some of these children go to school, allow the weekly Drop-in Centre to take place, and support other CCM programs for the homeless.

  • Used to help children with college fees (which are not covered by the Educational Assistance Programme)
  • Money in this fund makes a real difference to children who want to carry on studying to a higher level, but may not otherwise be able

  • CCM has a calamity fund which is used to fund relief work following typhoons, floods, fires, or similar disasters. This fund is also used in medical emergencies. Every opportunity is taken to share the gospel during such calamities.
  • There is only one ‘calamity fund’, we don’t set up funds for each flood/typhoon.

  • Our staff are crucial to CCM’s mission. Being a fairly small charity, we aren’t always able to give salaries as high as some, yet we really love and value each worker, recognising that many do so much beyond what is required of them.
  • We have therefore set up a ‘staff gift fund’. Every year, any money in this fund will be split between staff, just to say an extra ‘thank you’ for all they do. We trust this will be a real encouragement to staff.

When donating online, you will be able to select the fund from a drop-down.

If donating by cheque/bank transfer (details at the bottom of this page), please notify the treasurer in your country at the time of your donation.

NB it may be possible to give to a specific need not mentioned here – please check with CCM if this is possible before making your gift.

* These funds are in part funded through child sponsorship. There are other costs that rely on general donations.